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Pearlfect Tip:

Frosted Kisses...Warmed Hearts

(Created November 29, 2020)

Soon the weather outside will be "frightful" but cuddling with your significant other is truly "delightful".  And though we may not have many places to go (right now) - plan your dream while it snows, while it snows, while it snows.

Cheesy?  Maybe a little.   Nonetheless, as you're cuddled (and self-quarantined) with your special someone you can use the time together to reflect on what's most important to you both.  What do you value?  What is truly the most important thing you want to commemorate you celebrating forming your forever union?  The one good thing that our current situation has done for couples is to help them reevaluate what they value most.  You might be planning a wedding for the Spring/Summer season perhaps even a cooler weather Fall/Winter wedding.  Below is the reality of how much many of the coveted wedding resources cost.  Note: Peak season is typically May- September, but don't sleep on the opportunity for a Winter Wedding.  What's the benefit?  Typically more flexibility on cost, date availability, and decor colors and textures/looks.

Typical Peak-Season Prices for Wedding Services (Event Size: 150 people)

  • Venue: $6,000 

  • Photographer: $2,500

  • Videographer: $2,800

  • Hair & Make Up: $300

  • Gown (shoes; w/alterations): $2,500

  • Decor (seasonal-friendly): $2,000 approx.

  • Cake/Desserts: $600+

  • Invitations & Save the Dates: $300

  • Caterer: $7,500

  • Planner/Coordinator: $2,000 approx.

  • DJ: $800

  • Musician: $300+/each approx.

  • Photobooth: $2,500 approx.

  • Officiant: $300 approx.

Ways to cut cost?

  • Venue - Non-peak wedding dates and days (Sunday- Thursday) or perhaps venue spaces that are "off the beaten path" for uniqueness and charm

  • Photography - Reducing Phrogorpahy footage/service time

  • Videpgraphy - Skip the wedding video (maybe) or find a company that does both and has a "bundle" price

  • Hair & Make Up - Shop around, their a retailers you can visit for makeup and low hassle/cost hair styles you can choose

  • Gown (shoes; w/alterations): - Rent, Buy, Used, or shop deals but first and foremost set a budget and stick to it!!

  • Decor (seasonal-friendly) - shop winter wedding decor during after-Christmas sales, same stuff but at a reduced cost

  • Cake/Desserts - opt for couple's cake and smaller desserts for guests like cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, or a dessert table of assorted desserts

  • Invitations & Save the Dates - shop around, DIY,  or take it digital

  • Caterer - choose a simple menu done well

  • Planner/Coordinator: take advantage of promos/discounts, consider the amount of service time needed, but be careful not to undercut here as your Planner/Coordinator is the glue that will hold everything (including you) together from start to finish

  • DJ - reduce service hours OR see if your venue has an integrate audio system you can plug into for the ceremony and or reception and have a designee to monitor and control a pre-made playlist

  • Musician - seek collegiate musicians (advanced musician skill, but inexpensive) OR nix the live musician altogether

  • Photobooth - create a DIY photobooth that matches your theme OR nix the idea altogether

  • Officiant - price compare


As always you should share and celebrate your love without bounds, with the winter frost and rich colors as your backdrop as you express your love to one another and declare to the world that #LoveIsNotCancelled.

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