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"'[They] who have are not  everyday conquering some fear have not learned the secret to life.' That is marriage, my friend.  That is life.  Be brave [Brides and Grooms]

- you have a destination wedding to conquer."


"Destination Weddings" Package - starting at $5,000

*Price is dependent upon the desired service time requested for up to 100 ppl.  Guaranteed 12hrs of Service which includes a 1hr Ceremony Rehearsal.   $150/additional 50 guests.

This package includes all the bells and whistles of the "traditional" Full-Service packages and accommodates the couple's desires to have a wedding ceremony outside of our service area.  This plan will is subject to travel and accommodations surcharge.

Custom-designed Wedding Website included in the package.

(View Sample Wedding Site):


Temporarily  Unavailable

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